Unlinked Headings Sample Report


A heading is listed as "unlinked" if at least the first subfield ($a)
did not link to an LC or LTI authority record.

    X,XXX Headings beginning with "X" are name/title (1xx,7xx) headings
      XXX Headings beginning with "Y" are series (4xx,8xx) headings
      XXX Headings beginning with "6" are LCSH subject headings
      XXX Headings beginning with "G" are Genre/Form subject headings

      The digit in the 1st column is the number times the heading
          is used (blank = 1 use, "+" = 10 or more uses)

***** Name & Title Headings: X,XXX listed *****

  Y30-0-aAsian topics in world history.
  X30-0-a20 common problems in end-of-life care.
  X10-2-aAction Without Borders (Organization : New York, N.Y.)
  X00-1-aAdams, Boe,d1934-
2 X00-1-aAdams, David K.
  X00-1-aAnerio, Giovanni Francesco,d-1630. Voi ch'ai notturni rai.
  X30-0-aAPA style manual /.
  X10-2-aArcadia Fund.
  X00-1-aArmitage, Simon.
  X00-1-aArnold, Georgiana.
  X00-1-aArora, Arti.
  X30-0-aARTnews annual.
  X00-1-aA. Scrocchi.
  X00-1-aAshmole, Bernard.
  X30-0-aAsiaBarometer (2003)
  X00-1-aAskari, Fred K. MD.
  X00-1-aAslam, Nadeem,d1967-
  X00-1-aAstill, Sarah.1.
3 X00-1-aAvery, Anne.
  X00-1-aBlackburn, Donna.
2 X00-1-aBlackburn, Simon.
  X10-2-aBlack Enterprise (New York)
+ X00-1-aBlack, Jeremy.
  X00-1-aBlackmore, Prue.
  X00-1-aBlack, Richard,d1964-
  X00-1-aBlackwell, Lewis.
  X00-1-aBlanton, J. Neal.
  X00-1-aBlattes, Sue.
  X00-1-aBlessington, Joseph Palmer.
  X00-1-aBloch, Douglas.
  X00-1-aBlock, Viola.
  X30-0-aBlood marrow transplantation.
2 X00-1-aBluestone, Robert.
  X00-1-aBlum, Richard K.
4 X00-1-aB., Mel.

***** Series Headings: XXX listed *****

  Y00-1-a.1aPutney, Mary Jo.tLost lord.
  Y30-0-a100 Magnificent melodies ;vdisc 1.
  Y30-0-a100 Magnificent melodies ;vdisc 2.
  Y30-0-a100 Magnificent melodies ;vdisc 3.
  Y30-0-a100 Magnificent melodies ;vdisc 6.
  Y30-0-a100 Magnificent melodies ;vdisc 7.
  Y30-0-a50 series (Prestel Verlag)
  Y30-0-aAdvanced law enforcement readiness training.
  Y30-0-aAerial view of geology books.
  Y30-0-aAIHA guideline ;v1-2004.
  Y30-0-aAir Force Officer's Guide.
  Y30-0-aAmerican masters.
2 Y30-0-aAmerican memory.
  Y30-0-aAnnals of the West ;vv. 1.
  Y30-0-aAnnual series.n36.
  Y30-0-aArt documentary ;v23.
+ Y30-0-aArt in focus.
  Y30-0-aBarron's creative techniques.
2 Y30-0-aBastien series.
  Y30-0-aBuilding partnerships series.

***** LCSH Subject Headings: XXX listed *****

  650- -a0aDietzUnited StatesvStatistics.
  650- -a0aTrademarks (International law)vDatabases.
  650- -a33077001770188  ...
  630-0-aMatrix revolutions.
  600-1-aMercado, Arturo.
  600-1-aMeyer, Leopold Leopold,d1892-
  600-1-aMichaud, Scott.
  630-0-aMicrosoft Active Directory.
  630-0-aMicrosoft Visual C++ .NET.
  610-2-aMiracle Industries LimitedxManagementvCase studies.
  600-1-aMittag, Bill.
  630-0-aMLA handbook for writers of research papersvHandbooks, manuals, etc.
  650- -aMoon, John P.
  600-1-aMoore, Edna Maree.
  610-2-aMotley Theatre and Costume Arts Collection (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  650- -aMotor ability. 0.
  600-1-aMullendore, Jo.
  600-1-aMurfee, LaWanda.
  600-1-aMygdal, Eugenie Kamrath.
***** Genre/Form Subject Headings: 110 listed *****

  G55- -a0aDigital libraries.2lcgft
2 G55- -a4aWebsite.2lcgft
  G55- -a7aLove stories.2lcgft
  G55- -aAmerican drama.2lcgft
2 G55- -aAmerican essays.2lcgft
2 G55- -aAmerican fiction.2gsafd
+ G55- -aAmerican fiction.2lcgft
+ G55- -aAmerican poetry.2lcgft
  G55- -aAmerican poetryxMexican American authors.2lcgft
3 G55- -aAmerican poetryy21st century.2lcgft
  G55- -aAmerican prose literature.2lcgft
  G55- -aAmerican wit and humor.2lcgft