Partially Validated Headings Sample Report


(Report provided in ASCII text format.  Appearance of subfield coding, diacritics etc. is dependent upon the computer program used to read/edit the report.)

Partially Validated Headings -- 06/20/13 21:09:16 -- SAMPX.OUT

A heading is listed as "partial validated" if $a linked to an authority
record but any other subfield did not (i) link to an authority record or
(ii) validate as a proper use of a valid floating subfield.

    x,xxx Headings beginning with "X" are name/title (1xx,7xx) headings
      xxx Headings beginning with "Y" are series (4xx,8xx) headings
      xxx Headings beginning with "6" are LCSH subject headings
       xx Headings beginning with "K" are LC Children's subject headings

      "L" in 1st column = LTI heading link
      Unvalidated subfields are enclosed between " [[" and "]] " markers
      The digit in the 3rd column is the number times the heading
          is used (blank = 1 use, "+" = 10 or more uses)

***** Name & Title Headings: x,xxx listed *****
  X00-1--aBabbitt, Natalie. [[-tDevil's other storybook.]]
  X00-1--aBabin, Pierre. [[-tClaude Debussy decouverte des musiciens.]] -lEnglish.
  X00-1--aBaccalario, Pierdomenico. [[-tHotel a cinque spettri.]] -lSpanish.
  X00-1--aBach, Johann Sebastian,-d1685-1750.-tPartitas,-mharpsichord,-nBWV 830,-rE minor. [[-pToccata;]] -oarranged.
  X00-1--aBadman, Keith. [[-tFinal years of Marilyn Monroe.]]
  X00-1--aBage, Patricia. [[-tBeginner's guide to drawn thread embroidery.]]
  X00-1--aBailey, Sean Michael. [[-tInvisible.]]
  X00-1--aBaker, Efua. [[-t15 minute calorie burn workout.]]
  X00-1--aBaker, Fiona. [[-tC 20th furniture.]]
  X00-1--aBaker, Sunny. [[-tComplete idiot's guide to project management.]]
  X00-1--aBaldacci, David. [[-tDivine justice.]] -lSpanish.
  X00-1--aBallard, Todhunter,-d1903-1980. [[-tDead man's gold.]]
  X00-1--aBallard, Todhunter,-d1903-1980. [[-tDead men's gold.]]
  X00-1--aBallard, Todhunter,-d1903-1980. [[-tRailroad doctor.]]
  X00-1--aBall, Georgia. [[-tSour truth.]]
  X00-1--aBall, Sara. [[-tVerrueckte Urzeit-Klappbuch.]] -lEnglish.
  X00-1--aBalogh, Mary. [[-tAlmost persuaded.]]
  X00-1--aBalogh, Mary. [[-tChristmas beau.]]
  X00-1--aBalogh, Mary. [[-tHandful of gold.]]
  X00-1--aBalogh, Mary. [[-tNo man's mistress.]]
  X00-1--aBalogh, Mary. [[-tNo man's mistress (downloadable).]] -hElectronic resource.
  X00-1--aBalogh, Mary. [[-tOnly love.]]
  X00-1--aBalogh, Mary. [[-tPromise of spring.]]
  X00-1--aBammes, Gottfried. [[-tMenschen zeichnen.]] -lEnglish.
  X00-1--aBang, Molly. [[-tGoose.]]
  X00-1--aBangs, Nina. [[-tHot and bothered.]]
  X00-1--aBangs, Nina. [[-tTies that bind.]]
***** Series Headings: xxx listed *****
  Y00-1--aCalonita, Jen. [[-tBelles series ;]] -vbk. 1.
  Y00-1--aCalonita, Jen. [[-tBelles series ;]] -vbk. 2.
2 Y00-1--aCampbell, Anna. [[-tSons of sin series ;]] -vbk. 1.
  Y00-1--aCard, Orson Scott. [[-tEnder saga (sound recording) ;]] -v1.
  Y00-1--aCard, Orson Scott. [[-tHomecoming (Blackstone Audiobooks, Inc.) ;]] -vv. 1.
  Y00-1--aCard, Orson Scott. [[-tHomecoming (Blackstone Audio, Inc.) ;]] -vv. 2.
  Y00-1--aCard, Orson Scott. [[-tHomecoming (Blackstone Audio, Inc.) ;]] -vv. 3.
  Y00-1--aCard, Orson Scott. [[-tPastwatch (Blackstone Audio) ;]] -vbk. 1.
  Y00-1--aCarmichael, C. J. [[-tFox & Fisher Detective Agency.]]
3 Y00-1--aCarrington, Tori. [[-tMagnificent McCoy men.]]
2 Y00-1--aCarrington, Tori. [[-tPleasure seekers.]]
  Y00-1--aCarrington, Tori. [[-tPrivate scandals.]] 
  Y30-0--aWinnie the Pooh's thinking spot ; [[-v10,-pEvaporation.]]
  Y30-0--aWinnie the Pooh's thinking spot. [[-n11,-pAnimal camouflage.]]
  Y30-0--aWinnie the Pooh's thinking spot. [[-n13,-pAnimal builders.]]
  Y30-0--aWinnie the Pooh's thinking spot. [[-n15,-pNocturnal animals.]]
  Y30-0--aWinnie the Pooh's thinking spot. [[-n2,-pBody sounds.]]
  Y30-0--aWinnie the Pooh's thinking spot. [[-n3,-pGravity.]]
***** LCSH Subject Headings: xxx listed *****
  650- --aDebts, Public-zUnited States-xHistory [[-y1789-1801.]]
  650- --aDebutantes-zEngland [[-y19th century]] -vFiction.
  650- --aDesigners-zGermany [[-y20th century.]]
  650- --aDetoxification (Health) [[-vRecipes.]]
  650- --aDiscoveries in science [[-y17th century.]]
  650- --aDivorce-zEngland [[-y19th century.]]
  650- --aDocumentary photography [[-y21st century.]]
  650- --aDogs [[-xSmell.]]
  650- --aEducational change-zUnited States [[-y21st century.]]
  650- --aEducational technology [[-xKnowledge and learning.]]
  650- --aEducation-zUnited States [[-y21st century.]]
  651- --aEgypt-xKings and rulers [[-xFamily.]]
  650- --aElectronica (Music) [[-y2001-2010.]]
  650- --aEmbroidery [[-y21st century.]]
  651- --aEngland-xSocial life and customs [[-y11th century]] -vFiction.
  650- --aEnvironmentalism-zUnited States [[-y21st century.]]
  650- --aEpidemics [[-y19th century]] -vFiction.
  650- --aEtiquette for women-zEngland-zLondon [[-y19th century]] -vFiction.
  650- --aEunuchs-zIran [[-y16th century]] -vFiction.
  651- --aEureka Springs (Ark.) [[-y19th century]] -vFiction.
  650- --aFairy tales [[-xPoetry-y21st century.]]
  650- --aFamilies-zChina [[-y20th century]] -vFiction.
  650- --aFamily-owned business enterprises [[-zWashington]] -vFiction.
  650- --aFamily planning [[-y21st century.]]
  650- --aFarm life-zOregon [[-y19th century]] -vFiction.
  650- --aFathers and daughters-zUnited States [[-y18th century]] -vFiction.
  650- --aFemale friendship-zChina [[-y21st century]] -vFiction.
  650- --aFigurative art, American-zIllinois-zChicago [[-y20th century]] -vExhibitions.
2 650- --aFinancial crises-zUnited States [[-y21st century.]]
  650- --aFloods-zMississippi River Valley [[-y20th century]] -vFiction.
4 650- --aForensic sciences [[-y19th century]] -vDrama.
***** LC Children Headings: 13 listed *****
  K50- --aBritish-zFrance [[-xEnglish.]]
  K51- --aCanada-xHistory [[-y1792-1865]] -vFiction.
  K50- --aChristianity-xHistory [[-yMiddle Ages, 600-1500.]]
  K50- --aGlass blowing and working-xHistory [[-yColonial period, ca. 1600-1775.]]
  K50- --aInheritance and succession-zEngland [[-y19th century]] -vCartoons and comics.
  K50- --aInheritance and succession-zEngland [[-y19th century]] -vFiction.
  K51- --aLanguedoc (France)-xHistory [[-y13th century]] -vFiction.
  K51- --aMiddle East-xHistory [[-y9th century]] -vFiction.
  K51- --aParis (France)-xHistory [[-y1815-1870]] -vFiction.
  K51- --aParis (France)-xHistory [[-y1958-]] -vFiction.
  K00-1--aRiordan, Rick. [[-tSea of monsters]] -vAdaptations.
  K51- --aVietnam-xHistory [[-y1971-1980]] -vFiction.
  K51- --aWest (U.S.)-xGold discoveries [[-y19th century.]]