Update on RDA Authorities Phase 3

In January, 2015, implementation of the announced Phase 3A changes to targeted records in the LC/NACO Authority File was completed. Approximately 190,000 records were updated. AUP users have received or will receive these records in 2015.

Phase 3A included the following categories of changes:

  • Changes involving the music medium of performance statement (subfield $m)
  • Changes involving subfield $c of personal names
  • Adding a 667 note to undifferentiated personal names records
  • Re-formulation of any field 678 not suitable for public display as 670 fields.
  • All changes to the 1XX previously defined for Phases 1 and 2 that were created subsequent to those phases
  • Evaluation of the contents of the 370 field

Additional enhancements to the name records included:

  • Generating the 046 field as appropriate
  • Generating the 382 field from certain music medium of performance statements
  • Generating the 368 $c, 368 $d, 370, 371, 372, 373, 374 and/or 375 fields from information derived from subfield $c of personal names

Phase 3B was originally scheduled to be completed over the summer. It is now projected that it may not occur until 2016.
Slated to be included in Phase 3B:

  • Replace obsolete indicators with blanks, and removal of unnecessary terminal punctuation. This was originally part of Phase 3A, but due to the unexpectedly high numbers of obsolete second indicators in field 1XX, it was eliminated from the process after a few days.
  • Replace obsolete indicators in 4XX and 5XX fields with blanks, and adjust the values of Leader/17 and 008/39
  • Supply qualifiers for initialisms and acronyms in 410 fields, when that can be done reliably.
  • Add ISNIs to authority records
  • Add parenthetical qualifiers to 410 fields that represent initials
  • Any non-1XX changes listed in Phase 3A above

Because so many records will be changed, it is more efficient for the Library of Congress to replace the entire authority file at once in what is known as a “slam load”. If and when the Phase 3B updates are scheduled, we will have a better sense of which updates are actually included and be able to determine the best method for distribution of the updated authority records.

Detailed information on all Phase 3 changes is available
Please contact us if you have questions.