Enhanced processing of 880 fields available

In March 2007, LTI announced the availability of reports dealing with 880 fields containing "alternative graphic representation data" in 880 fields.

The "LIBID...880err.acr" report lists records (by bibliographic ID number) in which there is an error in the linkage between the 880 field and the field to which the 880 is linked. The "LIBID...880chg.acr" report lists records in which a change was made to a controlled heading field which links to an 880, however, no revision is made.

With the implementation of Resource Description and Access altering the form of dates in many personal name headings, LTI recognized the need for client libraries to revise the $d in corresponding 880 fields -- for some libraries, a substantial task. Consequently we have enhanced our processing of 880 fields. An added profile option is now available which will compare $d in 880 fields to $d in the linked field and change the content of 880 $d to match.

Every 880 that begins with "$6100", "$6600", "$6700", or "$6800" is selected for processing.

A) If the linked 100/600/700/800 field cannot be found:

    1) If the 880 does not contain a $d, it is ignored.

    2) If the 880 contains a $d, LTI's processing tries to correct and upgrade the $d to RDA form. Results are:

      a) the $d is ok "as is"
      b) the $d is corrected/upgraded to RDA form
      c) the $d is listed an having an "unknown pattern"

In any of the above cases, the lack of the linked field is reported in the LIBID...*880err.acr report.

B) If the linked 100/600/700/800 field is found:

    1) If neither the 880 or linked field contains a $d, they are ignored.
    2) If the 880 does not contain a $d and the linked field does, the $d from the linked heading is added to the 880 heading.
    3) If the 880 contains a $d and the linked field does not, the $d is deleted from the 880 heading.
    4) If both the 880 and the linked field contain a $d, the $d in the 880 is replaced with the $d from the linked field.

For users of Authority Update Processing, if a change is made to any 880 field in the record, the record is extracted and added to the ".CHG" file.

Please note that, in some cases, final punctuation may be incorrect, as further revision of punctuation could corrupt the non-Latin
content of the field.

A sample report showing the "before" and "after" processing fields is available for any interested library. Contact Marsha Hunt and she will send it as an email attachment. Requests for changes to library profiles to include the processing may also be sent to Marsha.